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Here’s our newest update on upcoming PRO accounts. If you are currently using 360 Cities for showing business panoramas or if you are planning to do that in the future, this should help you to synchronize your plans with ours. If you don’t want to pay or if you don’t see value in PRO accounts for you, don’t worry. We will always have a free account for you, so you can skip this article completely.

PRO Account Features

Business Pano Publishing

When you pay for a pro account, you can publish your business panos to 360 Cities. There is no additional fee for publishing individual images.

Entrance Hall in South Africa

Business Pano Embedding

The benefit of embedding a panorama is that we have a proven system of publishing a panorama that works in all major browsers, is super-fast and is reliable. When you view a pano, it only downloads data it needs need for your current camera orientation and zoom which saves viewer’s bandwidth. The owner of the website can insert the pano easily like a youtube video with no special technical skills and more importantly - quickly.

Virtual Tour Publishing

Unlimited publishing of virtual tours is included in PRO your account. The changes from our current model are that all virtual tours will have their own public URL so you can send a link to the tour to somebody. Our current business pages will be merged together with virtual tours to simplify the offer.

A screenshot from a virtual tour by Greg Panayotou

Virtual Tour Embedding

All virtual tours that you build will be available for embedding for a new simple embedding pricing

The roadmap (features we are working on):

Embeddable businesses: Our business objects will be renamed to virtual tours to simplify the matters and will be embeddable.

Quick virtual tours: They will be basically our current business pages embeddable into websites. With this tool you will be able to publish awesome embeddable virtual tours in seconds.

Improved tour builder: For more advanced tours, you can still use our Immersive Tour Builder We are planning to improve its user experience.

Preview version of virtual tours: Even though your virtual tours will be published, you’ll have a chance to create a new preview version and the changes won’t be seen live before you commit the changes to the live virtual tour. This will be useful for tweaking virtual tours without affecting the live tour.

Better statistics: Pro accounts will have far better control on where their panorama images and virtual tours are embedded, viewed. We’ll offer a good per-domain stats and embedding setting for virtual tours.

Better integration of virtual tours: Virtual tours will be much more visible on the main site, with links from regular images included in the tour, etc. (more on this later)

More to be announced soon…


360 Cities PRO account will costs 179 EUR / year (that’s about 15 EUR a month).

We’ll have online payments when we officially launch the PRO accounts. Until then however, you can sign up immediately to get access to the new embedding pricing or to support 360 Cities team. Please use the PRO upgrade form to sign up. We’ll send you a PayPal payment order or wire transfer instructions and an invoice if you sign up. For all early adopters we guarantee that the PRO account will expire 12 months from when we officially launch them (not 12 months from the day of the payment).