Riese is the German word for giant. Well, this project is giant. This unfinished complex was built by the Nazis during World War II. This underground shelters and tunnels work took place in the Owl Mountains (south-west of Poland). Its purpose is not clear, but it is said that this construction was going to be turned into a huge underground shelter covering more than 35 square kilometers for top Nazi leaders. The project was constructed by concentration camp prisoners.

According to the Project Riese Organization, there are seven systems of shelters under the Owl Mountains all of them have a similar design.

1.- Dorfbach/Rzeczka
2.- Oberdorf/Jugowice
3.- Wolfsberg/Wlodarz
4.- Ramenberg/Soboul
5.- Falkenberg/Sokolec
6.- Säuferhöhen/Osowka
7.- Castle Fürstensein/Zamek Skiaz

Nowadays, three of these complexes are open for tourists: Wolfsberg, Walim (Rzeczka and Wlodarz) and Säuferhöhen. These two panoramas below created by MoUzEs- Maciej J. Lorek and belong to the Rzeczka complex in Walim:

Underground in Walim. Project Riese. Poland


In the bunker, Walim. Riese project. Poland


The Complex Rzeczka is located between the towns of Rzeczka and Walim, under the Ostra Mountain. The plan, you can see it below, is similar to the letter “E” and it has two levels. There are three parallel tunnels and a system conecting them.


The panorma called “Underground in Walim” was shot at the “Guardroom” number 4 in the plan. We can not see in the map the place of the “In the bunker” panorama, but it is under the Guardroom, in the second underground level.

You can just feel the history when looking at these panoramas. Take you time to explore them and if you want to know more about the Riese Project visit the Project Riese Organization, the Project Riese Article in Wikipedia and its Museum web page.



Thanks to MoUzEs- Maciej J. Lorek for his collaboration.


The 360Cities Team