The riots on Kiev’s Independence Square ended on February 21. These panoramas were shot by 360Cities contributor Deema on February 22. He says, “that was the first day I had the possibility to take my camera and lens after several months.”

Deema has also spoken of his opinion and thoughts about the events in Kiev.


The barricade near Maidan, Kiev.


– What was it like away from Independence Square?


Euromaidan upper view, Kiev


  Almost during the whole time Kiev lived an ordinary life. Indeed, the Government city region (Maidan, Khreschatyk, Grushevskogo, Institutskaya) changed significantly. Other areas were affected for only 3 days, from February 19 – 22, when the Government planned to use brute force and closed the underground transportation.


The main barricade, Kiev.


Another problem was at night time. The Government brought in many paid provocateurs, called “titushki”, to terrorize the city. I spent several nights as part of a patrol in my neighborhood to maintain the peace.


Dynamo stadium, Kiev.


The Hill of Cry, Kiev.

– What were your feelings after it was over?

People were very upset because of the murders and because they understood that the end is still far off. As for me: I’m still thinking the revolution is the ‘wrong way to solve the wrong problem’, but I’m not ashamed and I helped people to remove the dangerous criminals from authority. “Do, what You must to do, and let it be”.


Crowd near the Maidan, Kiev. 


– Has Kiev returned to normal life?

Physically yes, psychologically no, and I’m suspecting that ordinary life will not be restored for a long time.


Zhovtnevy Palats, Kiev.

Zhovtnevy Palats, Kiev.

We want to thank Deema for his images and remarks. We are always interested in new panoramas of significant events. Let us help you share them with a wider audience.