New Ricoh Theta!

Ricoh has announced a new version of their Theta camera. The Theta is the best single-shot 360 camera currently on the market today (until Sphericam starts shipping of course). And the new version offers a couple great improvements: It has a “larger sensor” (I read that to mean that the sensor is the same size but it has higher resolution), giving higher resolution still panoramic photos and panoramic video at 1920×1080 resolution and 30FPS (which makes something like the Bubl camera obsolete). Some samples (photos that come included with the new app) were published on Facebook


Here is a sample photo in interactive format:

Outdoor beach scene theta S – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

It appears that Ricoh has not improved their frankly awful user experience on their website – the panorama is still taking up to 30 seconds to load which is really very silly.


World’s Largest Camera

Ok, not really VR 😉 but as a gigapixel photographer, this obviously made me drool. Some badass astronomers are building a telescope that will shoot 3.2 gigapixels per shot, allowing it to capture the whole night sky in unprecedented detail… every day!


Japanese Streetview for Cats 


I guess there is really nothing I can say about this.


Visit Ecuador 

Javier Hernandez published some VR panoramas from Ecuador


How to shoot 360 video?

Shai Schcolnik starts an interesting discussion over on the Panoramic Photographers on Facebook group.

Hi all,

I’m wondering about 360 video. I understand that if I use a static rig I can mount it and have the pole holding the rig disappear. but what if I want to move the camera? is there a way to shoot 360 video without seeing the person holding it?

The only option I can think of right now is to place the camera directly above the person and cover him with a logo or something. is there a more elegant way? without a nadit cap?



  • Thomas Sharpless 1) With the pole slanted or horizontal, integrate the camera person into the action. 2 ) Use a small RC robot instead of a person. 3) attach camera to a vehicle that is part of the action. 4) Hang the camera from a long crane and patch stock sky over it. Etc., etc.
  • Shai Schcolnik nice, almost invisible! I talked to a museum about shooting a walk-through an exhibition an one of the things they insisted is that no person should be seen.
  • Joergen Geerds in addition to what Thomas Sharpless mentioned, you can use the F360 Explorer for example as a cable cam (Ignacio Ferrando Margelí did show some of his amazing work at the IVRPA conference). In general, I find almost all head/helmet mounted “rigs” “not great’ simply because humans can’t keep their heads still, and they all suffer from gigantic parallax errors. Radiant Images build a promising rig solving a part of the problem by making it more stable. helmet mounts today are very experimental, and rarely produce usable footage, IMO. There were some exceptions where a helmet mount was really the only option (i.e. athletes doing things like skydiving, base jumping (where parallax doesn’t matter) or skiing). as a film maker, i really dislike helmet mounts because they are incredible dehumanizing, especially for scenes that could be shot differently, leaving often strange body artifacts that represent nothing a normal human can relate to.
  •  Joergen Geerds In general, is a more targeted group for such questions.  Ali Zareiee, the maniac who is building a helmet with a billion gopros stuck to it, published a new 360 video shot from it.



New Helmet 360 Video

Ali Zareiee, the maniac who is building a helmet with a billion gopros stuck to it, published a new 360 video shot from it.


Forte da Graça tour for Google Cardboard, with sound!

Nuno Madeira says: Forte da Graça is a abandoned historic fortress here in Portugal near city of Elvas. Some historians consider unique in its kind. Updated this simple tour with some details and available in VR heads. with sound.