Matthew Rogers does unholy things with Canon and Nikon 

Matthew Rogers's photo.

Thierry Lechanteur in Liège, Belgium

September 13 at 11:34pm: My first test of directional sound with
L’Abbaye Saint-Jacques. 1000 ans d’architecture, d’art et d’histoire.

Kay Bin Kow says,

Hello fellow friends, I made this virtual tour recently for my client, comprise of 30+ scenes.
Take our virtual tour from the comfort of your own armchair to get a sense of what it is like to study at IMU. If you like what you have seen, come and visit in person to experience the campus for yourself.

Jerome Boccon-Gibod says,

360 panoramas controlled by Leap Motion!
Jerome Boccon-Gibod's photo.

Zeljko Soletic says,

Yesterday at 11:54am: I was shooting this handheld, and I noticed that it might be better to shoot panos with panohead, as it is not possible to stitch in all stitching programs –
Evening at Valamar Lacroma Resort

Rui HerrPedro says,

16 hrs · Lisbon, Portugal: Instalation de feu. Fire art @ Lumina 2015 , Light Festival in Cascais, Portugal
Instalation de feu, Lumina 2015, moat of the Citadel, Cascais –

Luca Vascon asks,

kodak sp360 anyone? Is it good or crap?


Kodak licensee JK Imaging has introduced the PixPro SP360-4K camera, a variation of its PixPro SP360 Action Camera model that includes a 4K resolution option for still images and video. The camera comes with desktop software that… DPREVIEW.COM

Carlos Cartola says,

A small tour at Egypcian area at NY MetMuseum 2014 with my kids.

4 or 5 images at each pano. Minor post editing in all of them. Cam: Canon 5D mk III…

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Herman Desmet via Brusselsfromabove

Yesterday at 10:12am: Flying Willy from the outer gallery at the rooftop of the Palace of Justice. 16 photos stiched together with Autopano Giga, corrected in Photoshop, rendered with Panotour pro.
360 degree panoramas from the rooftop of the Palace of Justice in Brussels

Gumir Jamil reveals Canon’s new VR headset

Canon’s VR periscope lets you peek into other worlds in high-definition.

Gerald Donovan suggests making some rules about how we count the pixels

September 12 at 7:26am:I think it’s about time this community established some “rules” about how to count pixels when making claims for gigapixel images. I see from the latest Kolor email circular that there’s 100GP image of Hamburg recently gone live – Now let me get this out of the way right up front. There’s no questioning that this is a really nice piece of work, so well done to the team behind this. It’s great to see such high quality in a gigapixel. See More
Entdecke die schönste Stadt der Welt aus ungewöhnlicher Perspektive – Hamburg anders erleben!

John P. F. Warkentin says,

September 14 at 8:09am: Testing out the Nodal Ninja Travel Pole on FF at 135mm using the tripod mounting kit.

1/320th and no vibration issues. See More

John P. F. Warkentin's photo.

Tom Poole says,

September 14 at 10:12pm: Just spotted this cool project
“Apollo: The Panoramas” Hardcover Book of stunning photos

Sam Rohn says,

September 6 at 2:14amNew Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K
JK Imaging has announced the latest version of its 360-degree-shooting Kodak action cameras, the Pixpro SP360-4K. As those last digits in the name suggest, the new model makes the jump to recording its spherical content in 4K.GIZMAG.COM

Alf Randell says,

Yesterday at 12:32am: Panoramic of Castle rock with the Priest and Nuns. Shot with sony nex 7 and 105 mm f2.8 smc takumar lens.
Alf Randell's photo.

Ali Zareiee brings out another helmet-mounted vr camera video

Shot with Nimbus VR YOUTUBE.COM

Gregg Katano via Unofficial Cardboard

September 14 at 2:45pm: Flickr wants you to explore photos in VR
Flickr is planning to implement a VR experience for its photos.

Boštjan Burger shared The World Wide Panorama‘s photo.

August 20 at 4:44pm: Just a notice that the September 30th is very close – “Peace”. Keith Martin wrote a nice essay about the upcoming event:…/…/NextEvent.html
The World Wide Panorama's photo.