Advertising agencies, digital publishers, mobile and VR developers among others all use 360Cities to search for and license panoramas for use in campaigns, publications, games etc. You can increase the chances that your images will be selected for licensing by our customers by asking the following questions:


  1. Are your images enabled for licensing? It’s easy to do – here’s how.

  2. Have you added tags to all your images? Our customers often do searches specific to the type of image, or image content, and not simply geographic location. Adding tags helps them find your images.

  3. Have you entered your metadata correctly? Correctly spelled titles, a good description, and proper map placement all increase the chances of your images being licensed. Read all about proper metadata here.

  4. Have you published any panos recently? Probably the single most important thing you can do to increase your chances of licensing panoramas is to publish lots of beautiful, well-executed images of remarkable and interesting places and events – wherever you are!

If any of your images have been licensed in the past, you will have received a royalty payment from 360Cities via Paypal. Now you can review details of your licensing history in your account page by clicking Settings / Licensing.