After going to Tokyo 10 months ago, I have finally finished two of the largest images I have ever made (and a couple of the very largest photos ever made in the world, period)

These images have been a real labor of love (love and frustration…) and have ended up taking much longer to do than originally planned for. I want to thank all of my colleagues for being so patient about letting me work on them for such a long time. Hopefully the result is worth it.

The first one, shot from the roof of the lower observatory on

Tokyo Tower

is the second-largest image I’ve ever made. That’s 600,000 pixels wide. Just a reminder that your mobile phone shoots photos around 3000 pixels  wide. The largest possible size of an image in Photoshop is 300,000 pixels. So, this image was very difficult to assemble into a single seamless image. In fact, it has never existed as a single image file. To view it on the web, the image is cut into more than a million little “tiles” which are loaded as needed depending on your view (similar to google maps, for example)

I made a short video showing a few details of the photo, just to give you an idea of how much you’re able to see. Take a look:



The second one is shot from the tallest accessible skyscraper in Tokyo – the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. Here are a few screenshots from this image.


  1. sotiris leimonis says:

    nice job.
    another error(blur) left of a green under-construction building with red crane.

  2. Raina says:

    Is it possible to have an offline version of this?

  3. Jacques says:

    Very although there is errors:
    Error: behind football field, a piece of roof with solar panels is off any building!!!

  4. german says:

    la imagen esta genial, aunque tiene algunas partes que faltan u hay autos por la mitad.

  5. Taro Kawahara says:

    Wonderful gigapix Tokyo Tower and Roppongi, it’s better than seeing actual sight:) My eyes can’t zoom in like this lol

    One disappointing point is it shooted in September, bad season, so no clear sky, foggy like no Mt. Fuji visible. I hope you’ll try again in Winter, December or January. Really clear sky day comes next day after strong wind is blowing, it usually become gentle sunny day and you can see more because dusts in the air all wiped out by previous strong wind day. …Another choice is a day after a typhoon passed away, it also become clear sky the air is washed but not recommend due to typhoon.

  6. mani says:

    Nice work
    one more error half portion of car is missing,12.6,1