Our friends Luca Vascon, Marco Luitprandi, and Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto from Nuovostudiofactory and Officine Panottiche made an excellent 24 18 hour timelapse video of the Grand Canal in Venice.

Sit back, click “fullscreen” and enjoy.

Watch the gigantic cruise ships – what amazingly large things those are. I’m glad none of them crash into Venice 🙂


I exchanged a few emails with the team to find out more about how they did it.

Why did you do it?

On september 21 there was an exceptional number of cruises in Venice. The City of Venice was monitoring traffic and pollution and we ask them if they were interested in a video documentation. They said yes! A timelapse was the best choice for us.

How did you do it?

We made a 18 hours shooting from the Tower of “Compagnia della Vela” at the dock of S. Giorgio Maggiore, watching the harbour website for cruises timetable and this useful website.
We delivered a preview video for press (6am to noon) at 2pm and the final delivery during the night.

What kind of cameras did you use?
Canon 600D mounting an 8mm Sigma + Canon 600D mounting an 8mm Nikkor, both controlled by GBTimelapse software.
Here is the picture of the setup:
The camera setup used to shoot the 18 hour timelapse video of Venice
How long did post processing take?
The editing was made while shooting, to ensure the delivery two hours after midnight.
We prepared a PTGui template to stitch the frames quickly.
Did you sleep there?
No, we slept at home after the delivery. But we had breakfast, lunch and dinner there…
How many people came to ask you what you were doing?
Not so much! 🙂 the Tower is not a public place… but people said that we are crazy!
How did you go to the toilet? 
In the tower there is a toilet and a little kitchen too, it is a working place for mariners and a watching tower.
Compagnia della Vela was so kind to let us use the tower and everybody was nice with us.