In the US, the Grand Canyon Railway company just licensed and embedded a set of great panoramas of their rolling stock made by 360 Cities member Willy Kaemena on his recent trip to the states. Imho, they make an already very good website even nicer and more informative for visitors. Check it out.


  1. AYRTON says:

    Nice, Willy panos are superb.
    By saying they license does that means they PAY for using it on their website ? And how much would that be, if you can share to us.

    Congrats to Willy and Jeffrey


  2. Steve Hercher says:

    Hi – We get regular requests for 3rd-party licensing of 360 Cities and the price depends on the use. in straightforward cases like this one it basically mirrors the rates for Immersive Tours minus the photography. But in cases, for example, when an advertising agency wants to license 360 Cities content, a few different factors are considered in pricing like the medium, duration, industry etc.