$1000 Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – Day 2!

Here is the second set of clues in the $1000 Gigapixel Treasure Hunt.

11. “Pat & Mat” at work, up there
12. A driving range
13. A water tower being beautified
14. A “gentleman’s nightclub”
15. A clock that’s wrong
16. A sphere (no, NOT the spherical image itself)
17. A chairlift
18. A bulls-eye and cross-hairs
19. A female pink face on a window
20. A square and a triangle next to each other (in a field)

If you are starting late, here is the first set of clues. Update: here is the third set of clues.

Here is the Gigapixel image itself.

Here is the Contest FAQ.

Last but not least, be sure to read the Contest Rules!

If these clues turn out to be harder than yesterday’s clues, then we’ll publish hints on our Twitter feed or Facebook page. 🙂

The final set of clues (and the email address where you can send your answers) will be published tomorrow.

Good luck!

33 thoughts on “$1000 Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – Day 2!

  1. Are you crazy? Don’t people have jobs? Stuff to do? Eating sleeping? Lives to live? How am I supposed to find all that stuff AND stay alive???


  2. Great publicity, and contest. Thanks!
    for your next contest can you digitally insert Waldo, or a Waldo look-alike (for copyright avoidance)?
    And up the ante. :))


  3. We surely need some hints here. And I mean we don’t need hints for the easy ones, but for the one like the clock the nightclub and the one with the triangle


  4. Is the “gentleman’s nightclub” a sportsbar or a club with a name?

    PS. I don’t know what that wordpress hashcash note means after my previous post (#11).


  5. gigabyte :
    Yes, the triangle and the square are nowhere! And how can you possibly see a night club from above?

    Triangle an square are so easy that you probably look to hard, they are not that small !!


  6. This panorama and contest are awesome! It’s been a blast looking for the clues… equally exciting and frustrating 🙂


    One question: When the contest is over, will the answers to all of the clues be posted?


  7. Jeffrey, for the “Clue 20. A square and a triangle next to each other (in a field)”, are you sure the shape is a square (all sides equal) or is it a rectangle (any two sides equal).


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