Your Panoramic Photography Questions Answered is a website we launched recently dedicated to answering questions about panoramic photography. It’s now getting more useful – new questions and answers are added every day. You get points for being helpful, or for asking good questions – it’s a nice way to show you’re an expert – and it’s a great place for beginners to ask questions. Yuval (one of the project leaders of Hugin panorama stitching software) called it “the best thing to happen to the panorama community in years”. Not bad!

The Panoverflow site is based on the idea of, a Q and A site for programmers created by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky. Panoverflow is running on a spin off software called StackExchange that has been released to allow third parties to build communities similar to Stack Overflow around other topics.

Here are the most interesting questions on the site with links to their answers:

How to shoot a spherical panorama without having the tripod in the image?

(Scott:) If you are using a panoramic head such as the Nodal Ninja, I recommend taking a shot or two straight down while the camera is still on the tripod. I’ve never managed to have the camera in the exact right position to eliminate the parallax for the straight down hand held shot. Those extra shots can… Continue reading

How was this Paragliding panorama taken?

(Scott:) I found this panorama today by Martin Hertel, and it has been driving me insane all day. I love it, but can’t figure out how it was taken.

Read the answer from the author of the panorama

How to do action panoramas?

(Leif:) People – actually all living beings – is a nuisance in panoramas! No doubt about it. They never stay where you want and you get all these ghosts to edit out. On a more serious note: I have been wondering if there is a way to do “action” photos – a faster way to get the shots. I am working… Read the rest of the question and the answers

How to do aerial panoramas using a pole?

(Rey:) What would be a good approach to start doing pole panoramas? how high can anyone go without being too risky for myself and others. Read the answers

How to calibrate my panoramic equipment?

(Yuv:) There are many different ways to calibrate lenses to panorama heads. What is your preferred method? is there a tutorial online? please link to it. Read the answers

What are the next questions going to be? Join the community.


One thought on “Your Panoramic Photography Questions Answered

  1. i would like to be able to stitch archetectural photos
    of buildings taken at different perspectives. ie., one shot of the building, then moving the camera and getting a second shot that just overlaps the first. the trouble with other stitching programs is that they can’t join together two images of the same building taken from different perspectives

    need help!


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