Enjoy 360cities.net on your iPhone (BETA)

Now you can view all images hosted on 360cities.net on iPhone. No download is necessary, just load any image page in your iPhone Safari browser to see it. The best way to start it is to load the recent activity page (360cities.net/recent-activity) or the search page (360cities.net/search) in your iPhone and click on any image there.

Features of iPhone BETA:
– No download necessary, works directly in your Safari browser
– View any panorama by simply going to it’s image page
– Use the “Next” button to skip to a new panorama (randomly selected)

Recommended use cases include showing your panoramas to your friends during a lunch together or presenting your portfolio to a client when you don’t have a computer handy. Now you can take 360Cities with you anywhere you go 🙂

Quelmer Cimetière de Bateaux
National Theatre - box of honour

9 thoughts on “Enjoy 360cities.net on your iPhone (BETA)

  1. @Greg – android is not planned at the moment, although it wouldn’t be difficult I suppose. If anybody wants to be hired for implementing it for us let us know 🙂

    @John – iphone app? no plans for that


  2. Brilliant, Jan!
    And I couldn’t help thinking, that this would be really usefull when presenting my own panoramas (vanity)…


  3. Leif, I’m not sure if I understand correctly, but if you want, you can also display your panoramas. Just point your iphone safari browser to any of your panos.


  4. Hi, this is all very cool but do you think it’s possible to view panoramas on iPhone even if they’re not hosted on your servers?

    Thank you in advance


  5. Marco, yes, definitely. With a bit of coding. The code uses CSS 3D transformations, now available in HTML5. You can see a demo of that for example here http://www.apple.com/html5/showcase/vr/ (restricted to Apple’s Safari browser at the moment). As for the iPhone code, I had a working version elsewhere but I was no longer able to maintain it. Feel free to load the code from 360cities.net and play with it, though. You will need this plugin to pretend your firefox is an iphone https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/59/ Cheers, Jan


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