What do these places have in common?

Take the following list:

Brazil, UK, Spain, New Zealand, Republic of South Africa, Germany, United States, and the Netherlands

If asked what these places have in common, it wouldn’t take long to start thinking soccer (football for those who are unaware that a football isn’t always round).

But if we were to extend the list to include:

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Bulgaria, New Caledonia, and the Faroe Islands

and if we were to add the hint “relates to 360 Cities”…what would be the answer?

Care to guess?

6 thoughts on “What do these places have in common?

    1. Hey Greg, the first guess was really great…the second guess was good…not great. Both guesses were wrong 🙂

      Ok, I’ll give you another hint: I wish you were playing for the reward… 😉


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