Isfahan and SEO

View of Jolfa, the Armenian Quarter, in Isfahan, Iran

Everyone enjoys googling (and binging) themselves. What people like to see most of all of course is their name, or their website, on the top of that coveted page one.

For years now I have been googling “Prague” with the hopes of seeing “me” on page one. It’s reached to position number 10 (for the average user) on page one of Google, which is pretty good. There are a lot of websites about Prague are out there!

I was very excited to see that our ranking for searches for Isfahan is on page one of both Google and Bing! You can try it here:

Google search for "Isfahan"

Bing search for "Isfahan"

So, how did we do it?

It’s the same old story — good content, basic SEO, and hard work.

Good Content

One of our photographer members, Ramin Dehdashti, has been publishing fantastic panoramic photos of Isfahan for a couple of years now. He’s one of my favorite photographers on 360 Cities. This content is more than “good”. It’s fantastic, and people talk about fantastic things. People talk about it, share it, and link to it.

Basic SEO

If you have experience building websites, you know what the important things are: good URL’s, <Title>, <h1>, <h2>, and original, well-written text. There are no mysteries here.

Hard work

Rinse and repeat, spread the word 🙂

Of course it’s hard or impossible to out-rank some sites (such as wikipedia) with any regularity, and many seemingly obscure keywords might give you more traffic if you rank #2 for them than ranking #30 for a keyword with a thousand times more search volume. But anyway, it’s nice to see some results of this very long-term task of trying to rank well in search engines.

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