Get Vertigo from your desk with Tower Panoramas

One of the most wonderful applications for spherical panoramas is the ability to visualize a place – we all know that. The question for us panoramic photographers then becomes “what crazy place can I place the camera to let the viewer visualize a place where they could never possibly go?”

The answer is often “the top of a tower”. Here are a few examples of panoramas from towers. This might give you vertigo if you’re so inclined. Be sure to click “fullscreen”!

First, let’s go to the glass skywalk observation deck of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shangai, photographed by Jook Leung. Be sure to look down!
Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower glass skywalk observation deck in Shanghai

Next, let’s see some “tower without the tower” panoramas. This is done by treating the entire tower like a panoramic tripod head. Since everything is so far away, you can make a fully spherical image by walking (and shooting) all the way around the tower.

Here is the Eiffel Tower at night, photographed by Ninoslav Adzibaba:
View from Eiffel Tower in Paris

Next, we’ll go to Berlin, to the top of the TV Tower, courtesy of Willy Kaemena:
TV Tower Berlin in Berlin

Finally, we’ll go to the tiny, ancient town of Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, where we’ve got a gigapixel (that means – zoom in – more – more!) panorama from the castle tower (courtesy of your correspondent):
Gigapixel from Krumlov Tower in Cesky Krumlov

If you want to see more panoramas of, in, around, and above towers, you can search for it over on our main site.

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