Ice fishing in Latvia

While we’re on the subject of fishing, here is some ice fishing shot by the skilled and prolific pano photographer Vil Muhametshin. I can almost feel the cold, here. Pass the vodka.

I always thought these holes in the ice are much bigger. What happens if he catches a bigger fish?! Please leave a comment if you have any insight into this issue. Thanks!
Ice fishing at Lielupe River, Latvia in Latvia

Update: I had a short talk with Vil, the photographer of this panorama. Here is what he said about it:

Vil: Thanks Jeffrey! We get sick for week after this ice-walk… maybe because none of those fishermen offered us a sip 🙂
Jeff: Did you get any fish? What kind of fish are they anyway?
Vil: Volodya, the fisherman (very nice guy) offered us a part of his catch instead… he said it tastes great as a fish soup. I believe the fish is Crucian.
Jeff: So there are no larger fish to be caught down there through that little hole, obviously?
Vil: In fact the hole isn’t as small as it seems on the picture… The neighbour of our fisherman, who sat just some twenty metres away, caught fish three times as big through the hole of about the same size… it’s the fishing gear, lure and place that make the difference. everyone specializes in his favorite variety…

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