Gigapixel Treasure Hunt 2 – Win a 27″ Fujitsu Monitor!

Find the hidden clues in the London Gigapixel image. Be the first to send in the correct answers, and win a fantastic 27 inch LCD monitor from Fujitsu!

If you are interested in this treasure hunt, you might want to look into the first treasure hunt we are doing for the London Gigapixel in which you have a chance to win ten awesome Crumpler bags or a story-telling competition in which you can win over $3000 of awesome holidays.

Each day we’ll publish some clues – starting November 24th – and ending on December 1st. Clues are things that you can find in the London Gigapixel. You have to find these clues, and be among the first to send in screenshots of these clues to an email address that we’ll announce later. If you do, you will win an awesome LCD panel from Fujitsu!


Here are the first three clues:

1. Sunflower

2. Sandwiches in park

3. Broken bicycles


4. Three men in suits, three chairs on sidewalk and a “haircut”

5. G-A-Y banner

6. Ten minutes late for tea (hint: 5pm is tea time)


7. The letters “C” and “O” on an iron globe

8. Two parked Royal Mail vans facing each other

9. Westminster Cathedral tower


10. Minitrue

11. Whoopi Goldberg

12. “River horse” followed by John Leahy’s novel



Email address for submitting answers:

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the address that was announced in the first treasure hunt. This new address has a dot in it. Please don’t forget to add the dot for submissions in the 2nd treasure hunt. Submissions sent to a wrong email address will not be considered. Thank you.


Please don’t forget to read the official rules of the second treasure hunt before you submit your answers. Ask questions here via comments or on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Just to repeat the most important rules: We will pick the FIRST person in our email inbox with the MOST correct answers. So if nobody in the world knows all the answers before the deadline 11:59pm GMT, December 23, 2010 then we’ll choose the first person who sends us the highest number of correct answers.

We’d like to prevent thousands of unnecessary emails coming in. If you find more answers after you submit your answers, the obvious way around this rule is to send a new set of answers from a different email address. If you can’t attach 30 files in a single email, you should get a gmail account.

We will probably announce winners in January 2011. Our team will do their best to find the winner as soon as possible, but we can’t guarantee that – so please give us some time to go through those thousands of emails. Thanks for your understanding.

How do I make a screenshot?
You can follow these instructions (both windows and mac)

My email program won’t let me send that many attachments!
You can try a different email provider – Gmail for example will work.

Where do I send the answers?
We will announce the email address where to send the answers with the last set of clues.

The items are hard to find? Will you publish any hints?
Yes! You should watch our Facebook or Twitter page for updates.

Happy hunting!

If you are interested in this treasure hunt, you might want to look into the first treasure hunt we are doing for the London Gigapixel in which you have a chance to win ten awesome Crumpler bags or a story-telling competition, in which you can win over $3000 of awesome holidays.

Fujitsu 27" LCD Panel

Fujistsu prize display cababilities

Download more information about the prize: Fujitsu LCD Panel Datasheet.

26 thoughts on “Gigapixel Treasure Hunt 2 – Win a 27″ Fujitsu Monitor!

  1. Should we send screenshots every times when You write new clues to find or ONE (1) time on 23 december 2010 with all screenshots?
    I’m not from UK. Can I participate in this?


  2. @wyj: Once we announce the last clue (on December 1st) send your answers as soon as possible. The first person who sends all correct answers wins. The deadline is December 23rd. If somebody sends all correct answers before that, they win. If nobody sends all correct answers, we will choose a winner from all the submissions and we’ll pick the one with the most correct answers.

    @wyj: Yes, of course you can participate if you are not from UK!

    @miron: Honestly, I don’t know, I need to ask Jeffrey (the author of the London gigapixel). He only told me to use this clue but didn’t tell me where it is 🙂 Somebody on our facebook page claims they found it already though. And these first three clues should be easy.

    @Gary, @banlieue, @Marcin and all others: Are you playing? Have you found anything yet?


  3. @wyj: It’s something that says “G-A-Y”. Once you see it, you should know. It’s not too far away and it’s very visible. That’s all I can say 🙂 I created the clues 4-6 and I’m not a native speaker and I don’t live in UK. They are actually pretty easy to find.

    On another note, I fixed the clue 6, now it says “Ten minutes late for tea”.


  4. I like this game.Acording to websites g-a-y was localized to 2008 in one place and after 2008 in another place. I know where are this 2 places and I find also another one “g-a-y”.


  5. very interesting, i saw the london 80 gigapix 6 hours a go and it’s amazing. later i start trying for hunt #2 and after 4 hours i found 7 of the 9! just 1 and 5 remain.


  6. @Harry, just ask for hints on our facebook page or in the blog post for the 1st treasure hunt 🙂

    @salman: Good! 🙂 For the clue #1, we can’t reveal where it is, just that it can also be “sunflowers” if you don’t find THE sunflower we meant.



  7. just sent the 12 correct screenshots… 😉
    You all can now stop searching *grin*

    Well, ok… i guess, that they are the 12 correct ones…. *sigh* (keep fingers crossed)


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