Launch of Newscorp’s The Daily for iPad Features 360 Cities Panoramas

Many of you may have heard the rumors and seen the articles about News Corporation’s new iPad app called The Daily. About an hour ago in New York, Rupert Murdoch, the boss of Newscorp, and Eddy Cue of Apple, fronted a news conference where the first issue of The Daily on iPad was revealed.

Today we’re pleased to announce that 360 Cities has signed a content licensing agreement with The Daily to provide panoramic photos from 360 Cities’ collection to illustrate articles in the publication. During today’s press conference, our own Jeff Martin’s pano of Venice made a live appearance as the editor of The Daily demonstrated how the app will use 360-degree panoramas.

If you have an iPad or know someone who does, you can try it out for free for two weeks from today, they said. We’re looking forward to seeing more 360 Cities panos in The Daily. Initially we expect to see 5 – 10 panos a month appear in the app. If one of yours is chosen, you’ll hear from us! Members’ whose panos are licensed for any third-party use like this of course receive a revenue share, and in this case they’ll also get a photo credit.

As of now, the webcast of the news conference is being looped, so you still have a chance to see part of it if you feel so inclined.

4 thoughts on “Launch of Newscorp’s The Daily for iPad Features 360 Cities Panoramas

  1. Nice work team, now some questions:

    Does The Daily handle gigapixel images with a tiled system of delivery? Will there be motion navigation (I know where you can find an easy iPhone library to offer this)? Why only expecting 5-10 month? When are they going to start passing out assignments? (half joking)

    You can’t get any more mainstream than Rupert. Well done.

    Thomas (GigaView)


  2. Hi Kukki,

    If you notice when they start showing the panorama again where they left off, it looks like it didn’t crash but that they messed up the video feed, and then turned it back on again. that’s my guess, anyway.



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