Eating Habits: 360-Degree Virtual Dinner Invitations

These images are 360-degree sphere photos. Click on them to view them interactively (then, if you want, scroll down in each image page to find their description and place where they were taken).

Click the images to open interactive versions.

Photos by Jook LeungPeter PeherstorferRami Saarikorpi,  AIKAWA hiroakijohnchoy ( 蔡旭威 )Stefan GeensJeffrey MartinrosspisvenaGregory PanayotouErgec SenturkValentin ArfireAtila BezdanFrank TaylorBryan GroulxJürg LauperAndrey Bodrovgkn and Levent SEN.

Should we publish your photo in one of the next posts? Let us know in comments!

2 thoughts on “Eating Habits: 360-Degree Virtual Dinner Invitations

  1. I would like to suggest that one of you fine photogs shoot a 360 degree photo at the exact spot of JFK assination. I think it could provide some historical persepective.


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