Camera Phone Death Match!

I asked on Quora a while ago which phone has the best camera. Sadly, I didn’t get many responses.

Since getting my Nexus S, I have finally been very happy to have a very decent camera in my pocket. It is a quantum leap above my previous, 1st generation iPhone, camera. But I have had that nagging feeling (iPhone envy?) that the camera in my phone isn’t the best one. It doesn’t exactly keep me awake at night, but I’ve been very curious to make a direct comparison.

Getting an iPhone 4 here in the Czech Republic is problematic, however. It costs about $700 WITH a two year contract. Yikes!

But finally, a friend of ours with an iPhone 4 came to visit us in the office, so I had a chance to pit it against my Nexus S.

What I have done is completely unscientific, but it’s a start. Maybe I’ll do a more rigorous test if people are interested. I did my best to shoot exactly the same image, and the same moment, with both cameras. Here are both images. Click them to view them in their original resolution. Note: I did perform a bit of cropping so that each image has the exact same pixel size – otherwise, this test would be pretty easy to cheat! Also, let me state that I did not perform any kind of color correction or sharpening of any kind, and the original images are saved in high quality (about 1.8MB each)

Camera X


Camera XX


Now, fill out the form below. Tell me which image goes with which phone, and which image you like better. I’ll post the result in a future blog post in about one week. Good luck!

Update: the poll is closed! The results are in!

11 thoughts on “Camera Phone Death Match!

  1. @Pau definitely, next time I’ll do more shots. Mountains? LOL 🙂 How about a small mound or hill? Greetings from Prague 😉



  2. For me image x is iphone4 I have one and looks like the same here, nexus seems to show more cold colors (slightly blue cast), I’m wrong?, I had my phone as a gift and I use it for web surf and check emails from clients, for photo I use my cameras, and for games and movies my mac, for stitching and photoshop my mac too… 😛


  3. I agree, this is a tough scene – go outside Jeffrey, take some natural photos… they’ll both look great!

    Also, since both cameras have lots of options – I almost always avoid my iPhone 4 flash, the HDR works well sometimes and not well others – it’s a bit of a tossup. Wouldn’t be surprised if my choices were wrong, but I’ve seen incredible photos – especially with plenty of natural light – from both.


  4. The X simply is sharper and more detailed – but still it´s a very bad camera.
    You should try using a real camera instead. It´s a lot better. Phones are good if you want to talk to someone.


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