PLUS Account Launched

We are happy to announce that today we’ve officially launched 360 Cities PLUS accounts with new exciting features. We now offer FREE, PLUS, PRO and COMPANY accounts.

Click to sign up for your 360 Cities account.

The tasty new treats include:

View your portfolio in a new way
– Switch any pano of yours to Portfolio Viewing mode and only your panoramas will be visible as arrows to nearby panoramas. Share this view with others!

Get your images reviewed faster for Google Earth
Our new priority review queue guarantees that we’ll review all your images within 7 days. PRO account panos have highest priority.

Unlist your panoramas
– Are you shy? Mark your image as unlisted and it will not show publicly on our site, not even in your profile. You can still share the URL with others.

Publish non-spherical or lower quality panoramas in your profile
– Such panos won’t be publicly visible on 360 Cities after our review, but they will be shown in your profile and you can share them.

To get a PLUS account or to review our complete list of 360 Cities plans, features and pricing after the change, take a look at our new plans & pricing page.

5 thoughts on “PLUS Account Launched

  1. Hi Vieru, thanks! Yes, good news is that your panoramas are embeddable even though they are not selected for 360 Cities. Unless you make them not embeddable of course.


  2. Hi Jan. I do not understand about veteran status? If I am the veteran, do I have the same possibilities like plus account? Cause for now for exemple it`s not possible for me to use the portfolio function in my account page.
    Thanks and keep walkin!


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