Saudi Arabia: Yatib Mountain

Panoramic photo by Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities. Click the image to open the interactive version. جبل ياطب: وهو من الجبال التي حول حائل و تحمل نقوشاً ورسوما ثمودية يرجح أن تاريخها يعود الى القرن الثالث او الرابع قبل الميلاد Yatib Mountain: It is around Hail and has petroglyphs and also contain hundreds of Thamudic … Continue reading Saudi Arabia: Yatib Mountain Officially Launched Today at Where 2.0

360 Cities' Jeffrey Martin is today launching at the Where 2.0 2011 conference in California. We're excited about this opportunity to introduce the Panomonkey concept to such an audience. From our press release (For Immediate Release): to Launch at O’Reilly Where 2.0 2011  Prague, Czech Republic, 18 April 2011 – 360 Cities, the … Continue reading Officially Launched Today at Where 2.0