PRO ACCOUNT NEW FEATURE: Original Files Backup and Restore

We’ve launched a new feature: Original Files Backup and Restore for PRO and higher accounts.

This allows you to retrieve your original uploaded panoramas in case you lose them. We keep secure backups for all accounts, but are only able to restore files for PRO and higher accounts due to the cost in time necessary needed to retrieve the files.

Original panorama files are the ones that you originally uploaded to 360Cities to publish your panoramas. You usually don’t need them ever again. However, if you lose your own backups, you might still want to:

  • Look at your original panoramas offline
  • Reupload them again for whatever reason
  • Use the files somewhere else

With this PRO account feature you are now covered for these situations.

To request your files to be restored go to the Backup and Restore in the Help Center.

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