Iran: Shazde Mahan Garden Kerman

360° panorama by omid jafarnezhad.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Princess Garden A beautiful garden is a traditional Iran. This garden is located in the City and mountains and to the late Qajar period (1298 AH) is.The garden has a beautiful entrance to the garden is said to be the ruler of Kerman during the eleven years of his reign Abdul Hamid Mirza (1298 AH. Up to 1309 AH.) Was constructed and when the sudden death of the City are Construction of the building entrance was completed in plaster trough which the firm had beaten and left to the wall and fled into the slot so the tiles can be .The garden also includes a mansion in the midst of the living and the bathroom is. Currently part of the settlement to become a restaurant and is run by the private sector. I taste a variety of fruit trees in the garden and eats in front of the mansion’s pool and fountains are a beautiful fountain. Iranian tourists each year visit this beautiful garden and enjoy the beauty and freshness of the garden….  

3 thoughts on “Iran: Shazde Mahan Garden Kerman

  1. I have an interest in the development of the conservatory and my knowledge of Georgian Conservatories has just been expanded after finding an old gardening book published in 1823 that contains an interesting few pages about the use and technology in Georgian Conservatories of the time.


  2. G’Day! Blog,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, There are some unknowns here. But what is fact is that the leaders of Israel and Iran are publicly saying the other country is assassinating its scientists, officials, diplomats, etc.

    So if this is the operating assumption that both nations have, not to mention the nuclear situation, then can a full scale shooting war be that far away?
    BTW great blogpost
    Love my Garden 🙂


  3. Hi Blog,
    Interesting Post, Hector C. Bywater (1884-1940), British journalist, writer, and spy could claim the title “Heir of Mahan” as of his effect on naval method previous to and through WW2. He is most effective remembered these days for his fiction novel “The Perfect Pacific War”, which prophesied a future conflict around Japan and America. Hector was born in 1884 in N.E London, and turned an early obsession with boats into a lifelong occupation of studying and crafting about naval affairs. At the age of 10 his household moved to America, wherever the young Hector gained very first-hand know-how of the rising US seapower by recurrent visits to the Brooklyn Navy Backyard.
    Great Job!


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