Salzburg: Salzburg – Imbergstiege

360° panorama by Alexander Jensko.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Imbergstiege is a flight of stairs leading from the Steingasse in the Old Town of Salzburg up to the convent of Friars Minor Capuchin on the Kapuzinerberg. Built originally in the 14th century, the Stieg was modified several times, until it was completely rebuilt in 1888. At the lower entrance to the Imbergstiege in the Steingasse, a memorial plaque is placed, which is intended to indicate the birthplace of “Silent Night, Holy Night”-lyricist Joseph Mohr. However, this house is not the one in which the author was born, not even the one in which he lived. The panel goes back to an error in the survey of residents. Mohr lived but a few houses further out of town (he was born in the Dombezirk quarter).

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