Greece: Plakes-beach-Astypalaia-Cyclades-Greece-Αστυπάλαια

360° panorama by Georgios Kosmas.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Astyplaia is one on the most beautiful cyclades islands. According to Greek mythology, Astypalaia and Europe were the daughters of Finikos and Perimidis.From the union of Astypalaia and Poseidon, god of the water, the Argonaut, Agaeos was born and so was first settled by the Kares who named her “Pyra” for the red colour of her soil. Because of her many fragrant flowers and her fruit, the Ancient Greek called her “the Gods Bank”.

One thought on “Greece: Plakes-beach-Astypalaia-Cyclades-Greece-Αστυπάλαια

  1. Indeed there are also many private beaches in Greece. You can visit these private beaches after paying small fees. There are many activities on these beaches for the whole family to enjoy. Many of the beaches have resorts where you can have a relaxing holiday.


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