Hong Kong: Against Brainwashing(抗議洗腦課程.4), HK Government Headquarter

360° panorama by wongchichuen.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Ten of thousands Hong Kong residents gather during a protest against a new Chinese national education course in September 1, 2012. Including parents, university students and teachers, joined the hunger strike which three high school student have been staging outside the government headquarters in Admiralty to call for the government to scrap the introduction of national education, which they claim could be used to brainwash youths. The opposition to the plan has snowballed with 214 primary schools saying they will not teach it this year.數以萬計香港市民,周末聚集在金鐘政府新總部,要求當局撤銷在小學開辦國民教育科,示威者指這是一個洗腦課程。包括家長連同他們的子女、老師、大專學生,他們響應3名中學生的絕食抗議行動而出席集會,目前已有214間小學表示,不會在新學年開辦這個課程。

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