Hong Kong: Black Tide Flooded Government Headquarters(黑潮淹沒政府總部.2)

360° panorama by wongchichuen.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

120,000 demonstrators gather near the government’s headquarters in Hong Kong on September 7, 2012, during a protest against plans to introduce Chinese patriotism classes. From Friday evening till early Saturday morning, the crowds, many dressed in black, denounced the curriculum as Communist Party propaganda which glossed over the darker aspects of Chinese rule.12萬香港市民,星期五晚聚集在政府總部外,表達反對於小學施行國民教育課。絕大部分示威者都穿上黑衣,金鐘一帶變成一個黑色海洋,場面壯觀。示威於星期五晚延續至周末,很多80後、90後通宵達旦留在現場。

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