Hong Kong: Hau Wong Festival At Night, Tung Chung,(東涌侯王廟.2), Lantau Island

360° panorama by wongchichuen.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Tung Chung Hau Wong Temple is located in Sha Tsui Tau of Tung Chung. Hau Wong is a title that can be translated as “Prince Marquis” . It is not any one person’s name. Hau Wong refers usually to Yeung Leung-jit, a loyal and courageous general. Despite his failing health, he remained in the army to protect the last emperor of Southern Song Dynasty when he took refuge southwards in Kowloon. Tung Chung Hau Wong Temple was built in 1765 and is the largest Hau Wong temple in Lantau island. It is a Grade II historic building. 東涌侯王古廟,位於大嶼山東涌沙咀頭之西,面向東涌灣,是香港二級歷史建築。侯王不姓侯而姓楊,他是南宋末年國舅楊亮節,生時被封為侯,死後被封為王,故稱侯王。他保護宋帝昺曾在東涌灣外與元軍海戰,故廟宇選址於此。古廟建於清朝乾隆三十年(1765年),這是當地村民從九龍城侯王廟請來,以求剋制瘟疫的。香港首座侯王廟位於九龍城聯合道及東頭村道交界,建於1730年。http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hau_Wong 

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