South America: Laguna de Los Tres at Moon Rising

360° panorama by Marcio Cabral.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This is my favorite sphere to date, the image of Fitz Roy Mount at moon rising.I planned to do this sphere for months and I calculated the best moon phase for do this.This Is one of the hardest tracks in  Argentine Patagonia.It has 12 km of extension and a vertical climb of 750 meters lasting 6 hours of trekking.I was subjected to temperatures of -18°C and winds up to 70 km/h!The Milky Way is located in zenith and made ​​a connection with the moon and the Fitz Roy Mount.I arrived a little late because of the large amount of snow so I could not pick a better place without footprints, necessary to improve the nadir, so the result is 90% of what I planned.The next morning I found the perfect place with no footprints, but the absence of clouds did not leave the magical light as I would is the most beautiful view I've ever seen and I'll never forget this moment.

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