Japan: Corridors at Teisho-ji Buddhist Temple in Saku – Japan

360° panorama by Christian Kleiman.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Scene 7 – Corridors – Nanadou Garan No Teisyou-ji.Explore surrounded by ancient cedars, the famous Teisho-ji Buddhist Temple built in 1521 by Soto Zen Monks.Located in the area of Sakudaira in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.More photos from this Temple at:www.aikidojapon.com360º Spherical Panorama created by © Christian Kleiman.About the Photographer:www.christiankleiman.com  personal website.www.360virtualtour.info  for 360º Panoramic Photography.www.objetivoelevado.com for Aerial Photography.Personal projects:www.parisvirtualtour.comwww.benidormvirtualtour.comwww.newzealandvirtualtour.com

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