360Stories App for Samsung Gear VR

360Stories is a 360-degree panoramic story player featuring content by the world’s leading panorama photographers. 360Stories’ immersive panoramas are built using an open standard, allowing anyone to create, share and play narrated panorama stories on the Samsung Gear VR. New stories are added regularly.




You can create your own stories for the app. You need to prepare these files:

  • A set of panoramas (equirects files): Equirectangular image files must be JPEG format (not progressive), equirectangular, 2:1 ratio, with a maximum size of 4096×2048 pixels.

  • Title of your story: it’ll be used by 360Stories as the name of the story in 360Stories’ launch space.

  • Thumbnail for your story: it will be used by 360Stories in the app’s launch space. The file must be JPEG format (not progressive), 2:1 ratio, 720×360 pixels. It must be called “thumbnail.jpg”.

    Screenshot_2015-04-21-16-39-42.png    Screenshot_2015-04-21-16-40-35.png    Screenshot_2015-04-21-16-40-46.png

  • Voice narration audio file for each panorama: please, write on the file title something related to the equirect referred on the voice narration.

  • Ambient audio file for each panorama (optional): it can be the same for more than one panorama. Write on the file title something related to the equirect referred on the ambient audio.

                          * An audio file containing voice narration can play at the same time as an audio file containing ambient sounds.

Please, add all these files to a folder. It’d look like this one:

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-21 a las 17.27.08.jpg

Then, zip it and send it to us: 360stories[at]360cities.net We will review your story and get back to you.

4 thoughts on “360Stories App for Samsung Gear VR

  1. I was wondering what the reason was for using 4096×2048 equis rather than cube faces of 1536. The latter render much sharper in the GearVR.


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