Panoramas now load faster than ever!

We’ve implemented some changes that have lead to a marked increase in site speed, i.e. a reduction of up to 300% in the time it takes for panoramas to load. You can especially notice this improvement on Android and iOS mobile devices.


Captura de pantalla 2015-04-23 a las 16.29.00.png

These improvements are a result of a continuous effort to improve both the performance and stability of

3 thoughts on “Panoramas now load faster than ever!

  1. 300% reduction in time for loading a panorama – so it takes less than no time (which would be a reduction of 100%)
    – that means by looking at a few panoramas on 360cities I can now actually gain time ?
    Now that is what I call an improvement!!!!


  2. Hi Elena !

    The auto-rotation hasn’t been implemented… is there a reason, and if not, when will/might it be possible to do it !



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