Interesting Articles about VR this Week

Unity’s VR Editor Lets You Create VR Content Like a God "You can zoom out and in for different scale operations, but the most powerful aspect of the Chess Board is to allow creators to rapidly drop assets into your scene wit minimal scrolling or physical movement. This sounds fairly pedestrian, but watch as … Continue reading Interesting Articles about VR this Week

The Abandoned Planet

Press "play" on Carl Sagan's wonderful monologue "A Pale Blue Dot" and browse through some panoramas shot mostly by Andrew Mishin and Vasily Kumaev, Pavel Bogdanov, Yuriy Bel'mesov, Dmitri Melinchuk, Gregory Ivanov, and other awesome Russian panoramic photographers. There are abandoned places everywhere in the world of course, but Russia seems to dominate this. When I look through these pictures, I imagine … Continue reading The Abandoned Planet