Editors’ picks of the week – Spring is coming!

Hi, fans!

After a short while, we’re back, so let’s have a look together at the coolest stuff uploaded to 360Cities in recent days. After a couple of snow-related editions of our round-up, it now looks like the spring is coming! Finally!


Crazy House, Dalat — Stairs labyrinth by Alexey Miroshnikov (click the picture to open the pano)

This week, we open our summary with a lovely shot of a famous guesthouse in Da Lat, Vietnam. It’s called “the Crazy house” for a reason, as Dang Viet Nga, the architect, gave it a really unusual look. Natural elements, used in the construction and design, make it look pretty cool – this is definitely a place to stay!


Biawak Island by Dominic Julian (click the picture to open the pano)

Dominic took this pano at Biawak Island in West Java, which can easily be called the paradise. With its amazing fauna and flora, it is really a place to remember – make sure you read Dominic’s description about lizards, corals, fish and so on!


The Milky Way arching over Arco Iris by Vincent Lawrence (click the picture to open the pano)

Would it be a proper weekly round-up without a cool night shot? No, for sure. But Vincent’s pano of a Milky way from Patagonia is really amazing. Despite a bit of a light pollution, Vincent captured it wonderfully – and added a couple of interesting stories using 360Cities annotations. Cool!


Huuhanmäki observatory by Janne (click the picture to open the pano)

No starry sky here, but certainly a cool pano! Another night panoramic photo takes us to the Huuhanmäki observatory in Kuopio, Finland, so you can see what the sky looks like from up there.


Panthéon, Paris by Zeljko Soletic Dubrovnik (click the picture to open the pano)

What we love the most about his pano (apart from its photographic quality, of course!) is the view at the floor, as the perspective looks pretty confusing for the human eye. Just have a look in the direction of one of four statues and you’ll know what we mean.

By the way, Zeljko visited Galerie Médicis, too!


Keep scrolling, if you still want more!

Munich Highlight Towers by Mathias  (click the picture to open the pano)

Sharps Chapel, Chon Buri by Artem Ryazanov (click the picture to open the pano)

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