Interesting articles about VR – week #43

World’s First Virtual Reality Production Truck

NextVR, a pioneer in immersive 3D virtual reality experiences, is introducing the first live virtual reality production truck for broadcast coverage of marquee events.

Ultra-lifelike figure shows potential future of virtual reality


Although it looks like a real woman, the ultra-lifelike figure in this music video is actually a digital model created using high-resolution 3D scans.

London-based multimedia studios Marshmallow Laser Feast and Analog teamed up to create the video, called Memex, which is currently on show as part of the Istanbul Design Biennial 2016.


Workers at This Startup Will Soon Swap Their PC Monitors for Augmented Reality Glasses


Gribetz was named to MIT Technology Review’s TR35 list of young innovators this year. Meta’s investors include Comcast and Lenovo.

When you put on Meta’s glasses, which can be pre-ordered for $949, you can see virtual objects overlaid onto the real world and control them using gestures. The experience is similar to that offered by headsets indevelopment by Microsoft and well-funded startup Magic Leap.


How to Learn Virtual Reality and Become an Expert?


The journey of thousand miles begins with a simple step. Career in Virtual Reality is going to be rewarding. Before we start to learn virtual reality, let’s understand what is virtual reality.  This may be good read for absolute beginners to intermediate levels. So, let’s begin to learn virtual reality. You could be a content creator, developer or an aspirant who wants to probably build her career and learn Virtual Reality. We have attempted to cover it.


Deutsche Welle is working on a tool that makes it easier to tell stories in virtual reality


German news outlet Deutsche Welle has been experimenting with a new storytelling tool called Fader, which allows journalists with no experience of virtual reality production or programming skills to create and distribute VR content.


Prepping Your 360-Degree Footage For Editing


There are some very important steps you have to go through before you can import you footage into your NLE. Below, I cover, from a high level, what those steps are. Once you understand these steps, you’ll be able to use pretty much any “stitching” application out there.


Why VR content outside of games and entertainment is failing


Many content creators in the virtual reality space are struggling at the moment.

VR content companies that aren’t making a game or something that is entertaining are finding little money or engineering talent available to them.

Money and talent are being funneled mostly into the “fun” categories, which are expected to see the earliest consumer adoption and generate the first real profits. That leaves few resources on the table for content creators exploring other types of content.


Design Practices in Virtual Reality


The technology of virtual reality (VR) has been gaining traction, however there is an absence of methods and best practices when designing for it. In my bachelor’s project I am focusing on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) opportunities and problems created by the technology of virtual reality.


Doug Liman’s Virtual Reality Series ‘Invisible’ Premieres on Samsung VR


The series is created by 30 Ninjas — a digital entertainment company formed by Liman (The Bourne Identity,Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and producer Julina Tatlock — with Conde Nast Entertainment, VR startup Jaunt and Samsung, supported by presenting sponsor Lexus.


The real-world uses for virtual reality


Think of virtual reality and you will probably conjure up images of fantastical landscapes in a game or film set. But VR can also be embedded in reality to give people more understanding of the world around them. Increasingly it is being used as a tool by journalists, teachers, healthcare workers and retailers.

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