Interesting articles about VR – week #35


I love flying. I hate flying. There is no middle ground, when you ask most people. I cringe at the thought of being stuck in the middle seat. Let’s just say that I am awaiting the arrival of Teleportation with so much passion, it hurts.

How immersive virtual reality is efficient to learn management in business schools?


Since one year, I have used immersive virtual reality to teach merchandising and marketing to hundreds of students thanks to the #ExE Project I have launched (that means Experiential Education), an immersive VR app we have specifically designed at NEOMA BS for our needs (as nothing similar existed).

Immerse Medical: Social VR Platform For Medical Training & Visualization6a00d8341bf74053ef01b8d2a2bc9c970c-800wi.png

While mass market adoption of VR is still an open question, Immerse Medical is one of the more impressive practical use cases of virtual reality, simulating real world hospital scenarios in a multi-user VR environment — both for training, and marketing. A spinoff of the social VR platform Immerse Creator from longtime metaverse developer Jon Brouchoud and his team at Arch Virtual, it was developed with the help of GE Healthcare and several top medical institutions.


According to a press release on its corporate website, UPS has confirmed that it will “start training student delivery drivers to spot and identify road hazards using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets that vividly simulate the experience of driving on city streets while teaching a more memorable classroom lesson.”

KFC Has A VR Job Training Simulator For New Employeeskfc-chicken-vr-training-oculus-rift.png

We’ve seen brands like UPS integrate VR into training facilities and Walmart drop staff into Black Friday VR shopping simulators. Both powerful examples of employee training tools, VR can not only be be safer but also expedite the entire learning process in a fun way. The potential is endless and we’re always on the lookout for the next VR training use case.

What do consumers want from virtual shopping?iStock-533833660.jpg.800x600_q96.png

Virtual reality shopping, or V-commerce, seems to rumbling ever closer on the horizon as more and more retail brands dip their toes tentatively into the waters. Among those brands that are known to be in the early stages of planning VR strategies are The Gap and Sephora.

Best Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets Of 2017Best Virtual Reality Headsets of 2017.jpg

Virtual Reality is here and is a fascinating way to travel Using nothing more than the power of technology with a headset and motion tracking VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you’re actually there. VR it’s been a promising technology for decades that’s never truly caught 

Augmented reality’s future isn’t glasses. It’s the carunnamed3.jpg

In the next seven years, true augmented reality will likely not become mainstream anywhere, except the automotive industry — and here are the reasons why. By “true” augmented reality” we mean AR that shows virtual objects to be actually integrated with the real environment and visible on various depths, not only on a screen’s surface. Despite explosive growth, AR software and content is now mostly created for small-screen devices like smartphones and tablets. True AR remains out of reach, but cars will reach it first.

The Virtual Arena: London Gets First VR ZONE PortalVR-Zone-Portal-London.jpg

At the debut of a secret installation of selected VR attractions operated at a popular family entertainment location in the capital, Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment specialist and VRFocus columnist Kevin Williams gives his report after he becomes one of the first to experience the setup.


This VR cycle is deadeclipse-skull-80.jpg

Millions of Americans donned a wacky-looking headset to get a glimpse of a different reality this week. 
No, not a virtual reality headset — these people were looking up at the sky through protective goggles to witness a total eclipse of the sun which cut a shadowy swathe across middle America.

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