Editors’ picks of the week #7

Our 360Cities community photographers have been really busy, travelling different parts of the world and taking some amazing panoramic photos! Let’s have a look at some of the best!


Aerial Of Luggala Lake by TRAVELcandies

You don’t really go to Ireland for the weather, but the nature is wonderful. This pano, actually, has both! Another cool thing – this place is a location for the „Vikings“ TV series, so if you’re a fan, you might recognise the area!


Eagles Bluff on Cypress by Sabbalot Photography

The cool thing about Canada is the fact you don’t need to travel far from a city to have a view like this. The Cypress Mountain is not far from Vancouver, and when the sun sets over the Gambier Island, it is an unforgettable moment.


Foggy Sunrise, Wooden Bridge To Werd Island by dieter kik

We love panoramic photos with atmosphere. This one, taken in Switzerland, actually looks like a movie scene. You know – cold morning, a pier and a river covered in mist. If this was a horror movie, we wouldn’t dare to continue to Werd Island ahead.


Moonlight on Yasur Volcano by Martin Hertel

This one is really special. Standing on the edge of Mt. Yasur, an active volcano in one of the Vanuatu islands, watching the night sky. Martin Hertel took the opportunity and made a brilliant pano, when most of us would just stand and stare with awe.


Aerial Mega Kuningan Jakarta in bright sky by Fietter Chalim

From untouched nature back to the civilisation. This aerial shot from Jakarta gives you an idea of how busy this city of more than 11 million inhabitants can be – especially with density of more than 14 thousand people on one square kilometre in the whole region.


More amazing panoramic photos below, keep scrolling!


San Francisco el Grande Basilic Church by luis davilla


Trieste-Cathedral of San Giusto by Sergio Contrafatto


Ancient traditional house with local inhabitant by Sergej Esnault


Sparks Lake drainage by William l


Secret Beach by William l

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