🚀 Launch of 360Cities for Schools

360Cities for Schools

Today we’re pleased to inform our contributors about the successful launch of 360Cities for Schools, our very own education service for teachers and their students. 360Cities for Schools is a hosted service, meaning that all 360Cities panoramas and videos remain on our servers and cannot be downloaded by teachers.

About 360Cities for Schools 

360Cities for Schools is an immersive 360° / VR education platform designed for teachers and their students. This unique service will eventually allow for consumption, creation, and collaboration of 360° / VR content both inside and outside of the classroom.

This first alpha version of our service provides teachers with access to our vast collection of over 300,000 stunning, high-resolution 360° panoramas of safe and educationally relevant historical, cultural, and just plain beautiful locations from around the world. Teachers can search for relevant content by keyword or by using our interactive world map and share with their students.

We’re excited to be playing our part in educating children from diverse social and economic backgrounds around the world.

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