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After a long time of measuring, designing and research, we launched a new version of image pages today. This is a very important change for us, since image pages are the pages that show all panoramas on our site, and are responsible for about 60%-80% of traffic on our site (the exact number changes depending on various campaigns that are currently running).

Here’s what has changed:

1. More clean and light design
2. Panorama now takes the full width of the screen
3. Easier ways for sharing to social media sites (icons in top-right corner) and email (form at the bottom of the page)
4. Like/unlike button
5. A very small overview map at top and a larger area map below panorama
6. Nicer list of nearby panoramas

We are very excited about this change, the pages look much better now! What do YOU think?

Click on the image to view the example image page. The actual layout might be slightly different because we are always running various layout tests on these pages.

The earthquake hit central Chile on February 27 2010 with an intensity of 8.8 Richter scale. As a result, the city was left partially paralyzed. In this panorama you can see a collapsed section of a highway Vespucio Norte, rendering the highway useless. Luckily, despite several destroyed vehicles, nobody was killed at this place.

Earthquake Chile 2010 A

Here is another panorama of a collapsed highway bridge. Panorama images by Andrés Berr Amunátegui