Maestro Contributor: Marcio Cabral

Marcio is a landscape photographer based in Brasília, Brazil. Throughout his career, he has earned a well-deserved reputation for his award-winning work, which has been published in several travel and tourism magazines, as well as in books and website guides to Brazil. He also creates unique panoramas and was the first Brazilian to produce an … Continue reading Maestro Contributor: Marcio Cabral

Maestro Contributor: Bill Edwards

Bill is a hiker, climber, photographer, writer… and an incurable romantic. He has been contributing his exceptional 360º images since 2012; a decade now!  Bill has created various types of 360º photography but his beautiful 360º mountain images, inspired by his passion for hiking and his love of mountains, stand out most. Bill’s eBook, Banquet … Continue reading Maestro Contributor: Bill Edwards

Maestro contributor: Ramin Dehdashti

Ramin is a prolific 360º photographer from Tehran Iran. He’s been publishing his work on 360Cities since 2008. His collection on 360Cities currently contains more than 200 panoramas, 27 of which have been selected as Editors’ Picks.  Go to Ramin’s profile page and visit Middle Eastern bazaars, bathhouses, deserts, traditional houses, mosques, palaces, and more. … Continue reading Maestro contributor: Ramin Dehdashti

Maestro contributor: Jedsada Puangsaichai

Jedsada is a panorama photographer from Bangkok, Thailand. He can’t think of better company than his camera during his extensive journeys; as he says, “360º photography is a part of my travel experience.” Jedsada published his first panorama on 360Cities way back in 2009. Since then, he has published hundreds of 360º panoramas from diverse … Continue reading Maestro contributor: Jedsada Puangsaichai

Maestro contributor: Thomas K Sharpless

Thomas is a retired software and systems engineer who worked in cancer research, medical imaging, and chip design. He got hooked on panoramic photography in 2004, when he converted a document scanner into a rotating digital slit camera.  Thomas got into developing open source panography software around 2008. In 2009, he co-rediscovered an 18th century … Continue reading Maestro contributor: Thomas K Sharpless

Maestro Contributor: Vasilis Triantafyllou 

Vasilis has loved taking photos since the day he got his first camera. He was fascinated by panoramic photography from the moment he began working in this technology, creating custom HDR and LDR spheres for use in 3D Graphics in order to light his virtual sculptures.  He loves exploring new ideas in panoramic  photography and aerial photography. … Continue reading Maestro Contributor: Vasilis Triantafyllou 

Maestro 360º Contributor: Andrea Biffi

Andrea trained as an engineer, he was a structural designer for ten years then he worked as graphic designer and photographer. From 2014 he is teaching physics and technology in Waldorf pedagogy. He has always been interested in electronics, robotics, and science.  Andrea thinks immersive photography is a great way to transmit emotions aroused by … Continue reading Maestro 360º Contributor: Andrea Biffi

Maestro 360º Contributor: Rami Saarikorpi

Rami is a Finland-based VR panoramic photographer, consultant and a respected instructor of 360° photography and videography. He also knows how to handle his camera on top of a 10 meter pole and on drones.He has been a 360Cities contributor since way back in 2008. We’re grateful to have him on board since then! Don’t … Continue reading Maestro 360º Contributor: Rami Saarikorpi

Maestro 360º Contributor: Gregory Panayotou

Gregory lives with his family in Tahiti and New Caledonia. He is a part-time professional VR photographer with the enviable job of documenting this piece of heaven on earth.  His most well-known panoramas are shot from beaches, volcanos, and temples; from the sea like a fish and from above like a bird.Check out some of … Continue reading Maestro 360º Contributor: Gregory Panayotou