Maestro 360º Contributor: Rami Saarikorpi

Rami is a Finland-based VR panoramic photographer, consultant and a respected instructor of 360° photography and videography. He also knows how to handle his camera on top of a 10 meter pole and on drones.He has been a 360Cities contributor since way back in 2008. We’re grateful to have him on board since then! Don’t … Continue reading Maestro 360º Contributor: Rami Saarikorpi

Video Contributor: Atmosphaeres

Atmosphaeres’ team are producers of highly immersive, spherical 360° videos and VR experiences that accurately reflect the feeling of being 'there'.  You can be ‘there’: in the center of one of the busiest cities in the world, London; lying on an empty beach in Australia; walking through meadows. Discover Atmosphaeres 360º videos. Remember to click on … Continue reading Video Contributor: Atmosphaeres

Nomad Contributor: Andrew Bodrov

Andrew lives in Tallinn, Estonia and has been professionally engaged in panoramic photography since 2000. He has traveled around the world shooting amazing panoramas, but he is especially well-known for the panoramas he’s created using images taken from the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Check out some of his masterpieces below and, of course, enjoy Andrew … Continue reading Nomad Contributor: Andrew Bodrov

Maestro 360º Contributor: Gregory Panayotou

Gregory lives with his family in Tahiti and New Caledonia. He is a part-time professional VR photographer with the enviable job of documenting this piece of heaven on earth.  His most well-known panoramas are shot from beaches, volcanos, and temples; from the sea like a fish and from above like a bird.Check out some of … Continue reading Maestro 360º Contributor: Gregory Panayotou

Star 360º Video Creators

Exceptional contributors of 360° videos are awarded the Video ★ badge. We will be promoting our video stars and their 360° videos in this section.  These contributors have consistently met our technical requirements and have created awesome experiences of places, spaces, landmarks, places of interest, landscapes (rural and urban), the unseen and the inaccessible. Our … Continue reading Star 360º Video Creators

360º Panorama Maestros

Our Maestro badge recognizes a select group of photographers for their exceptional 360° panoramic creations. We will be promoting our esteemed Maestros and their panoramas in this section. If you are a photographer and would like to become a 360Cities Maestro, we encourage you to check out our Maestros’ profiles in order to get inspired … Continue reading 360º Panorama Maestros

New: Nomad Badge

Our contributor community consists of travelers who create and share 360° views of iconic, exotic, and simply beautiful locations to during their journeys. In order to recognize some of our more ardent travelers, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new Nomad Badge. The Nomad Badge is awarded to a select group of … Continue reading New: Nomad Badge

Licensing and Royalties

It's hard to believe that 360Cities has been serving 360° panorama and video creators around the world for 14 years and counting. During this time we've seen countless publishing platforms and similar initiatives come and go, leaving creators disillusioned and hesitant about investing their time in publishing their content to third party services. How has 360Cities … Continue reading Licensing and Royalties