Stereo Panoramas by Javier Baranano

It is our pleasure to introduce Javier Baranano, a 360Cities contributor who is a specialist in stereo photography. Javier publishes his stereoscopic panoramas to 360Cities . We recently interviewed Javier to learn more about his work in stereo photography and his vision for the future. Javier has a degree in optics, is a photographer and stereography … Continue reading Stereo Panoramas by Javier Baranano

A Stereoscopic Evangelist: An Interview With Thomas K Sharpless

Thomas K Sharpless is well known in the panoramic world as one of the true pioneers of panoramic and VR photography. Thomas has an extensive background in computer programming and he has contributed  a number of techniques and ideas to the panoramic photography community, most notably the “Panini” projection. Thomas has been a stereoscopic panoramas … Continue reading A Stereoscopic Evangelist: An Interview With Thomas K Sharpless

55th anniversary of the Launch of the First Human into Orbit

On April 12, 1961, at 09:07 Moscow time, a rocket with the Vostok spacecraft-satellite flown by pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin was launched from the Cosmodrome near the Baikonur station.   The Vostok 1 spacecraft-satellite descent vehicle has been kept in the Museum hall of NPO Energia ever since, which is named after Academician S.P. Korolev. … Continue reading 55th anniversary of the Launch of the First Human into Orbit

Photographing the world at Milan Expo 2015

We would like to thank Johan Offermans & Karl Overholt for writing this blog post and for these amazing panoramas created at the Milan Expo 2015.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- World's fairs go as far back as 1851. They are global events with an objective to allow countries to share innovation, foster co-operation and educate the public. Large world expos … Continue reading Photographing the world at Milan Expo 2015

Fire Lookouts in Washington State

Our thanks to Maestro photographer Bill Edwards for his collaboration on writing this blog post. ----------------------- This gallery is a reverential visit to a handful of the remaining fire lookouts in Washington State. For me, there is something completely magical about visiting a historic fire lookout. Although some are not too difficult to hike to, most … Continue reading Fire Lookouts in Washington State

SR 99 Tunnel Project Panoramas

First of all, we want to thank Bill Edwards for writing this post and for his amazing work! This panoramic photo series is focused on the work sites of the SR 99 Tunnel Project where a bored tunnel will replace the aging Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, Washington.   Background on the SR 99 Tunnel … Continue reading SR 99 Tunnel Project Panoramas