Star Trek: Aboard The Enterprise

Join us on a VR voyage where no one has gone before aboard Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise. Live long and prosper.🖖   Enterprise Bridge by - Bryan Groulx USS Enterprise - Bridge Ops by - Bryan Groulx Borg Regeneration Chamber by - Bryan Groulx Star Trek The Experience Lobby by - … Continue reading Star Trek: Aboard The Enterprise

Pripyat After The Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster is on many people’s lips these days as a result of the popular television miniseries. These 360º images of Pripyat reflect how the area looks right now. Explore Pripyat After The Chernobyl Disaster on your computer, tablet, phone, or with your VR headset and create your own story.   Basen I, Chernobyl … Continue reading Pripyat After The Chernobyl Disaster

Interesting articles about VR – week #41

PALMER LUCKEY IS JUST GETTING STARTED PETER THIEL SOMETIMES seems bored by mainstream tech. “You have as much computing power in your iPhone as was available at the time of the Apollo missions,” he said during a debate in 2013. “But what is it being used for? It’s being used to throw angry birds at … Continue reading Interesting articles about VR – week #41

NEW: Video Badges

We’re pleased with the quality of the 360º videos that are being uploaded to us and are thrilled to be able to conclude that great panorama photographers create great 360º videos too! In order to recognize exceptional video creators, we’ve just launched a new Video Badge that we’ll be rewarding those contributors who create consistently … Continue reading NEW: Video Badges

Interesting articles about VR – week #40

Palmer Luckey: Facebook Buying Oculus ‘The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To VR’ Despite parting ways with the company in 2017, Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey still insists that Facebook buying Oculus was “the best thing that’s ever happened to the VR industry.” Hands-on: StarVR One is the Most Complete Ultra-wide VR Headset to Date … Continue reading Interesting articles about VR – week #40

Interesting articles about VR – week #39

Virtual reality brings sunken civilisations to life The sunken ruins of ancient cities, the monuments of lost civilisations, may reappear before our eyes thanks to new technologies of augmented reality. Euronews' Denis Loctier went to Italy for Futuris to investigate a remarkable new tool under development. Storytelling with Smarter Tools At IBC 2018, Adobe is … Continue reading Interesting articles about VR – week #39

Interesting articles about VR – week #38

4 WAYS THE AR CLOUD IS CONNECTING DIGITAL CONTENT WITH THE PHYSICAL WORLD Since Apple’s release of ARKit, it’s become easier than ever to make AR experiences. However, an initial stumbling block for the nascent mobile AR ecosystem was the fact that AR experiences were solitary. That is, it wasn’t possible to make seamless real-time … Continue reading Interesting articles about VR – week #38

Interesting articles about VR – week #37

Virtual Reality Helps Amputees Feel Their Prosthetics In a groundbreaking study that could change the lives of millions of people living with amputations, scientists at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) developed a way to use virtual reality and “artificial tactile sensations” to trick the brain into feeling a prosthetic like a biological part of … Continue reading Interesting articles about VR – week #37