Licensing and Royalties

It’s hard to believe that 360Cities has been serving 360° panorama and video creators around the world for 14 years and counting. During this time we’ve seen countless publishing platforms and similar initiatives come and go, leaving creators disillusioned and hesitant about investing their time in publishing their content to third party services.

How has 360Cities managed to grow and stay relevant?

The simple answer has been to focus on high-quality content, which has enabled 360Cities to become the leading source of premium stock 360° content.   

Thanks to the many thousands of talented 360Cities contributors, we’ve managed to amass a unique collection of high-quality 360° panoramas and videos and have become an established and well-regarded “boutique” stock agency for 360° content. And we’re sharing the success with you, our contributors, each month when we send royalty payments to you.

For those of you who are not familiar with our approach to content licensing, read on…

Royalties Paid To Contributors

One of our overriding priorities as we grow our business is to maximize the amount of royalties that we can pay to our contributors. Our many licensing customers have a wide range of requirements and we’ve tailored our offer to meet the demands of the market. The result is a growing business and an increase in both the volume and total amount of royalties we pay to our contributors. We license content on a “rights-managed” basis, meaning that the ultimate sales price depends on how customers use the content.
Our list prices can be viewed in our eCommerce shopping cart. We also provide volume discounts to customers who purchase multiple images and videos at the same time, and occasionally we negotiate bulk pricing for very large volumes of content to be included in collections intended for educational, research, or other purposes. Additionally, we offer subscription-based pricing, in which customers have access to our content only during the period of their subscription.

The result: appropriate pricing, more customer transactions, and more royalties for our contributors, a win-win scenario. Please check our Help Guide in order to ensure that your account is set up to fully take advantage of 360Cities.

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