Video Contributor: Wayne Drzewiecki

Wayne became a 360Cities contributor back in 2013. He started publishing panoramas and after a few years began experimenting with 360º videos, a technique which he has mastered.  Discover the beauty of the Australian landscapes thanks to Wayne’s 360º videos. Check out a few of them below and visit his profile page to enjoy more … Continue reading Video Contributor: Wayne Drzewiecki

Video Contributor: Michael Kolchesky

Michael has been involved in the 360º world for over twelve years and counting.  She is a 360º professional who creates amazing VR videos and experiences. She has also supported the 360º community by working as the Vice President of the IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Professional Association) from 2017 to 2019. She has contributed to … Continue reading Video Contributor: Michael Kolchesky

Video Contributor: Aerofotografie

Aerofotografie’s passion is photography and he has been fascinated by panoramic photography for a long time. He dislikes the idea of limiting his view to less than what the human eye is used to seeing. Aerofotografie is specialized in high-resolution and aerial photography. In 2007 he developed the GigaPanBot, a motorized, automatic rotating pan and … Continue reading Video Contributor: Aerofotografie

Video Contributor: Roman Nikhzol

Roman is a 360º videographer from Chile. He and his team create 360º VR experiences, 130 of which have been published so far on 360Cities.  Roman’s 360° videos feature the crater of an active volcano, electric windmill turbines, a sandy beach on a tropical island, autumn and tropical forests, cows resting in a meadow, and … Continue reading Video Contributor: Roman Nikhzol