William L.: 360Cities Contributor of the Month – February

William L. is an experienced 360º photographer based in the United States who has a keen eye for capturing stunning spherical panoramas. William took his first spherical panorama back in 2007, but it wasn't until a few years later that he truly delved into the hobby. Even after all these years, William is still constantly … Continue reading William L.: 360Cities Contributor of the Month – February

Atmosphaeres: 360Cities Contributor of the Month – February

Meet Atmosphaeres, a prolific 360º video contributor from Germany who specializes in creating highly immersive, spherical videos that transport viewers to new places and experiences. Their videos focus on capturing the feeling of "being there" in a perfect way. During the month of February, Atmosphaeres published an impressive 48 videos, eight of which were selected … Continue reading Atmosphaeres: 360Cities Contributor of the Month – February

New: Contributors of the Month

Introducing 360Cities Contributors of the Month! We’re excited to feature those 360º photographers and videographers who have stood out each month. We believe it’s important to recognize new 360º works and to showcase the most active contributors who consistently publish high-quality 360º panoramas and videos. We’ll be promoting our Contributors of the Month through our … Continue reading New: Contributors of the Month

Video Contributor: Wayne Drzewiecki

Wayne became a 360Cities contributor back in 2013. He started publishing panoramas and after a few years began experimenting with 360º videos, a technique which he has mastered.  Discover the beauty of the Australian landscapes thanks to Wayne’s 360º videos. Check out a few of them below and visit his profile page to enjoy more … Continue reading Video Contributor: Wayne Drzewiecki

Add Your Social Media Profiles to Your Account Information

We want to tag all of you on 360Cities’ Social Media! As you know, we often share 360º panos and videos on Facebook and Instagram. From time to time we manage to find and tag the right contributor profile on social media.  But it’s not always easy to find every contributor on social media as … Continue reading Add Your Social Media Profiles to Your Account Information

Maestro Contributor: David Rowley

David is a 360º photographer from Christchurch, New Zealand, who joined 360Cities back in 2010. He has published a diverse range of amazing 360º images; his nature landscapes panoramas are quite popular and that’s for a good reason.  Check out just a few of them below and go to David’s profile page to fully enjoy … Continue reading Maestro Contributor: David Rowley

Maestro Contributor: Gary Davies

Gary joined 360Cities more than 10 years ago, back in 2011. During this time he has published more than 1,300 stunning panoramas, for which he earned a well-deserved Maestro badge. Gary is a freelance photographer specializing in maritime scenes. His panoramas focus mainly on historic buildings, such as cathedrals, castles, and lighthouses from his home … Continue reading Maestro Contributor: Gary Davies