Your Portfolio in VR

You, as a creator of 360° images and videos, deserve to have your work featured in a fully immersive VR environment where it is at its most compelling. 360Cities is pleased to announce VR Portfolios for all of our 360Cities contributors. To access your VR Portfolio just go to your profile page and click the … Continue reading Your Portfolio in VR

FTP Uploads For Your 360° Videos

Install an FTP client on your computer. Go to your 360Cities settings > FTP tab and copy and paste the FTP host name, user, and password on your FTP client. Select the videos (it also works with panoramas) from your computer and let it work. Your videos (MP4/MOV/M4V) will be uploaded and processed, then you’ll … Continue reading FTP Uploads For Your 360° Videos

Happy 5th Anniversary, Curiosity

Since August 5th, 2012, the Curiosity Rover has been roving the Red Planet, capturing many photos that 360Cities contributor Andrew Bodrov has used to create a series of fully-immersive 360º images. Let’s follow Curiosity’s travels on the surface of Mars since it went into action: NASA’s MSL Curiosity mission Source Images: NASA/JPL-CaltechWith its rover named … Continue reading Happy 5th Anniversary, Curiosity

Panorama Replacement Feature: remove graphics and attribution

The Panorama Replacement Feature allows you to easily upload a new version of your panoramas without any graphics or attribution.   Why should I upload panoramas with no graphics or attribution? Panoramas with added graphics are much LESS likely to be licensed by our customers. By uploading panoramas WITHOUT any added graphics you can increase … Continue reading Panorama Replacement Feature: remove graphics and attribution