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Nash Point, Wales

Summit of Slieve Lammagan, UK

Orzola Beach, Canary Islands

Volcanic Green Lake, Canary Islands


Panoramas by Phillip RobertsMarek KoszorekVasilis TriantafyllouSantorini360Hotels.

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It’s been a few months – you didn’t think we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs did you? No, ever since finishing the London Gigapixel, we’ve been planning, shooting, and stitching the next world record!

This one is a bit smaller – 40 gigapixels – but it is still a record – it is, as far as we have been able to see, the largest interior photo ever made.

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But although the image is smaller than the London Gigapixel, it presented a lot of challenges I have never faced before. It is not easy to keep everything in focus in such a small space, with such a long lens!

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So, please do yourself a favor. Stop working (you didn’t really want to work anyway, if you’re reading this blog right now) and click over to the Strahov 40 Gigapixel image. Spend some time soaking in the ancient atmosphere of this 18th century library. Have fun! Here is a link to the image:

Panoramic photo by AstrolabioMario Carvajal.

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Colombia: Guajira Colombia – Cabo de la Vela – Camaichi – Pilón de Azócar

From the author: One of the places I liked in Colombia: the Cabo de la Vela, where the desert meets the Caribbean Sea, forming a fantastic color contrast. At the bottom of the picture you can see a pyramid-shaped mountain. Locals call it “The sugar-loaf. ” In their beliefs, the dead come to this basin. I believe them: if I were dead, here I would sit to see the Caribbean Sea and let the breeze tousle me. Warm breeze …

Good looks are not enough in our highly competitive world. You’ve got to differentiate if you want to stand up and be noticed. 360 Cities has gone the extra mile and is now available  in stunning, fully immersive 360 degree chocolate (also available as an equirect). We’re working on a world record gigapixel version – we’ll keep you posted.

360 Cities' investor Ari Korhonen knows what's good

Cake by Olga


Lithuania: Hill of Crosses
360-degree photo by Andrew Bodrov.
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New York City: Park Avenue Sheep Herd
360-degree photo by Richard English.
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Finland: Aurora borealis of 12-03-2011
360-degree photo by Janne.
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Thailand: Wat Phra Ram, Ayutthaya, Infrared Panorama
360-degree photo by Jedsada Puangsaichai.
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Rotterdam: Paalwoningen
Panoramic photo by Marcel wagenaar.
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Panoramic photo by Andrew Bodrov. Click the image to open the interactive version.


These images are 360-degrees photos of extraterrestrial activity on Earth. Click the images to immerse yourself.

Photos by J.W.A.A. Wils AndréJan KoehnRichard ChesherRolf RisKlaus MayerSimonIan WrightHolger Jung-GerckeMin Heo.

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Photos by Thierry BlondeauArnaud ChapinToni GarbassoSimona BartolomeiBryan GroulxMichael PopFederico Infanti.

Here are the results of the Camera Phone Death Match.

For those of you who missed it, I posted two photos, taken from the exact same place and same time – one photo was from an iPhone 4 and one was from a Nexus S. I asked our readers to guess which one was which, and vote on which one looked better.

I’ve posted the photos again, below.  They were not altered or retouched in any way, except for one of the photos being reduced by a few pixels so that they have the exact same pixel dimensions (otherwise it would be easy to find out which is which).

Special thanks to Bruce’s ThinkPad, affectionately known around 360Cities headquarters as “the pizza box”. Bruce has since cleaned his screen, as per your comments in the previous post.

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Camera X


Camera XX

Here are the results:



The Answers

Camera XX = iPhone 4

Camera X = Nexus S


  • This comparison is totally unscientific. It was hardly a controlled experiment. But I did my best to make sure that each photo was exactly the same. Yeah, they don’t line up exactly. Maybe the iPhone 4 photo is pointing a little bit more towards the window (off-frame to the right) and therefore has a little bit of flare. Maybe the Nexus S lens was a bit cleaner? I don’t know.
  • I deliberately chose a “difficult for auto-exposure” kind of image. Some people commented on the previous post that I should shoot something outdoors, in the sunshine for this camera comparison. But come on! That is the easiest test for a camera. If you want sample shots like that, go to the device website and see their sample shots. If a camera cannot make a decent image in a sunny landscape setting, then it is probably a useless camera. This image has a mixture of light sources (halogen and overcast daylight) in rather equal parts, and some strong backlight from the window. This is not an easy scene for an automatic camera.
  • The iPhone 4 camera, to me, looks considerably worse. Now, that does not mean that it cannot make a nice image of this scene. It can. But from this one angle, it seems that the Nexus S chose a better white balance and exposure. This comparison really doesn’t tell you more than only this one data point.
  • Did I intentionally choose this one angle where the iPhone had trouble? No, I didn’t, promise!
  • Interestingly, the Nexus S had around 82% of the votes for “best image” from the very start.
  • It’s not a big surprise to me that more people think the iPhone 4 camera is making what the majority of people feel is the nicer photo.
  • Anyway, I no longer have gadget envy, I’m very happy with my Nexus S camera 🙂 I already liked it, and now it’s nice to know that it can at least hold its own with the iPhone 4 camera. Maybe I’ll do a more scientific camera phone death match when the weather is a bit nicer here in Prague.
  • Have I missed any interesting insights? Please leave a comment!

Panoramic photo by Peter Molnár. Click the image to open the interactive version.