These images are 360-degree spherical panoramas. Click on them to view interactive versions and to view author credits.


  1. David B. says:

    *giggle* #pant# #pant# !TITTER!

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  3. Grandad Devine says:

    Glyn – Most enjoyable cockpit shots. Thanx…Grandad

  4. elenbaas74 says:

    last one is a crj… either a 700 or 900… no cockpit difference between them

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  6. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    @elenbaas74: The last one is “Cockpit Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet CRJ700”. Click on the image and scroll down. There is a description for that image.

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  9. Pozole says:

    It is a CRJ-700. You can check the little notebook at the top of the console.

  10. Matt says:

    It’s not full 360 but here’s one I did of the cockpit of Air Force Two using my iPhone and AutoStitch:

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  12. Cristian Gidinceanu says:

    That’s cool!

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  14. stuka says:

    Magnifiche hall congratulation …………

  15. ann mary laurent says:

    j’aimerais réaliser un rêve, voler près du pilote

  16. kelly t says:

    what a view !!

  17. João says:

    Was it to be funny?
    I don’t think so. 😐

    доставка цветов Донецк

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  19. John Koch says:

    Nice view. Everyone of us wants to fly. Love it too…

  20. Chris says:

    Anyone have any idea how the exposures are matched so well?
    Normally the windows are blown out. Just wondering how much photoshop work is required because I have access to a ton of airplanes.

  21. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    Chris: You might want to use multiple exposures and blend them together. Try to look up HDR or “exposure blending” tutorials on the web.

  22. Chris says:

    Ok thanks.
    I am familiar with HDR but only in the sense of 1 framed shot with multiple exposures.
    Multiple shots with multiple exposures is where I get confused.
    Do you blend each framed shot for HDR then stitch? Would seem that each HDR would have a slightly different tone or exposure or would be difficult to match up with the next framed shot.
    Thanks all

  23. Jan Vrsinsky says:

    Chris, if you keep the same exposure for all shots and the same setting for the exposure blending than you should be ok. I do this with no problems.

  24. Chris says:

    Great, thanks Jan!